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Juxuanhu.com comes from hangzhou china.

 as the hometown of silk in China, Hangzhou has a long history of silk industry. 1000 years ago, silk products were sold to Southeast Asia and the Arab Kingdoms from Hangzhou through the land and the sea that form another ancient Silk Road.

Hangzhou has a profound silk culture. Hangzhou silk brocades are delicate , a major symbol of harmony and beauty.It is prised as the flower of oriental art. Marco Polo, who traveled to Hangzhou at the early Yuan Dynasty, Hangzhou, introduced that Hangzhou produce large amounts of silk where most of local residents always wear damask from head to feet.  At that time, Hangzhou silk trade has been steady stream, well and Europe.

 After years of development together with the newborn China, Hangzhou silk has established the integral industry of silk from cocoon supply, silk reeling, weaving, dyeing, silk garments to silk machinery. The silk products also diverse to satin, cotton, textile, Aya, yarn, wool, silk and other 14 categories, more than 200 varieties, more than 2,000 colors.

 Jxuuanhu.com has specialized in silk retail and wholesale for many years. The quality is guaranteed. The price is negotiable. Welcome!